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Cloud Based Phone System or VoIP phone systems are being widely used across Australia for their high-tech, adaptive and mobile friendly features. It is  an internet phone service that transmits your voice, data hosting in the cloud, to let users share and access it over a number of devices using a standard internet connection from anywhere across the globe.
This enables you to make calls over the internet rather than a traditional analog phone that uses copper wires or optical fibers for making calls.  Cloud VoIPs can easily suit startups, organizations and MNC’s who are highly flexible in their nature and want tailored business telecom solutions for their business.


    Having a VoIP makes you able to run your business from wherever you want and helps you collaborate with your team and stay in touch with your customers whenever you need them. You will no longer be stuck with hefty machineries and be compelled to sit near a desk when you opt for a business phone system based on cloud.
    You will be connected to a singular platform for all your business communication needs ranging from voice messages, fax, chats as well as text messages with a cloud-based phone system
    Research have found that about 90% customers prefer being given assistance by a live person in contrast to a bot. Business can help ensure that their customers get connected with the right person with the help of intelligent call forwarding and routing features.
    VoIP allows us to gather and perform team discussions without letting your team connect through physical location. This help businesses save their time, money and resources.
    Having your communications over cloud allows businesses to have full control and visibility over communications, calls, messages, history, analytics along with a set of relevant set of information.
    A cloud-based phone system is not complicated like a physical, on-site phone system where it is vital for you to add hardware if you add another user. You can simply add user to your account or open a fresh account and enable the other user to experience full features and functionalities based on your chosen plan at a minimal cost.

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How will you know whether your small business should prefer VoIP system? There are variety of options  Genesystel’s cloud-based phone-system that are SMB-friendly with efficient prices and great features, narrow down your preference before the final jumpstart to your business.